A leading partner to the global offshore wind industry

Based on decades of experience and know-how from the Norwegian Energy & Marine sectors, we are building an industry-leading company that enables the world to consume clean energy. We provide a wide range of services across the offshore wind value chain.

Havfram is a pure play offshore wind company focused on providing transport, installation and development services to the offshore wind sector. Our company controls two stand-alone companies named Havfram Wind and Kontiki Winds.
  • Havfram Wind provides offshore wind installation expertise to the global market as an owner and operator of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs).
  • Kontiki Winds focuses on early-phase development of offshore wind farms and electrification of fossil fuel intensive operations using floating offshore wind.

  • Havfram is majority owned by Sandbrook Capital, a leading climate fund led by an experienced team with a solid track record.
«Our planet can’t afford delays in the fight against climate change. Havfram will be a driving force and a testament to the fact that rapid progress can be made, when we bring together the right engineering, operational capabilities and specialized investors of scale.»
– Ingrid Due-Gundersen, Group CEO

Havfram Wind

Havfram Wind provides offshore wind installation expertise to the global market as an owner and operator of wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) for fixed bottom assets. The team has over two decades of experience within its fields and, have collectively been responsible for installing more than 40 % of the offshore wind turbines globally.

A dedicated team of experienced professionals at Havfram Wind is working closely with developers of floating offshore wind parks, a technology we expect to be as significant and valuable as fixed-bottom installations by the end of this decade.


Kontiki Winds

Large-scale growth of offshore wind is fundamental to increasing clean electricity globally. With a strong track record in both offshore wind development and subsea construction, Kontiki Winds is focused on decarbonising the global energy mix and driving the green economy.

Leveraging our deep offshore wind industry knowledge, together with our offshore oil and gas construction expertise, we are focused on advancing offshore wind globally by de-risking emerging offshore wind development opportunities.