At Havfram we uphold the highest standards of governance as cornerstones of our operations in the offshore wind industry. Guided by transparency, ethics, and responsibility, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, stakeholders and the environment. Our commitment to governance is unwavering, ensuring that every decision we make reflects our dedication to sustainable growth and ethical conduct.

Sustainability: Governance

Board of Directors Oversight

Our Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in overseeing our governance and compliance efforts. Comprising experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, the board ensures that our strategic decisions are aligned with our core values and long-term objectives, while providing robust guidance on ethical and compliant practices. For more information about our Board of Directors, please visit the site “Our people”.

Transparent Decision-Making

We embrace a culture of transparency in all aspects of our business. Our governance framework ensures that information flows freely among all levels of the organization, empowering stakeholders with accurate insights to make informed decisions. This transparency extends to project planning, financial reporting, and stakeholder engagement, fostering trust and accountability.

Ethical Conduct

Ethical conduct is fundamental to our company's culture. We have established a comprehensive code of ethics that every employee, contractor, and stakeholder is expected to follow. This code outlines our commitment to integrity, fairness, and the highest standards of professionalism in all of our activities.

Regular Training

Our employees undergo regular training in compliance to prevent breaches and misconduct of all kind.

External Stakeholders

Effective governance goes beyond internal practices; it extends to how we engage with stakeholders. We actively seek input and feedback from local communities, government agencies, environmental organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. Our commitment to transparency ensures that their voices are heard and considered in our decision-making processes.