Havfram Wind enters strategic cooperation with IWS

Published: 23. November 2023

Havfram Wind AS (“Havfram Wind”) has entered a strategic cooperation with Integrated Wind Solutions ASA (“IWS”), through their wholly owned subsidiaries, IWS Fleet AS and IWS Fleet Management AS

This collaboration involves IWS providing technical management services to Havfram Wind’s two state-of-the-art offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (“WTIVs”) with scheduled delivery in 2025. These advanced WTIVs are designed to install turbines exceeding 300 meters in tip height and to handle foundations weighing up to 3,000 tonnes in water depths of up to 70 meters.

Havfram Wind and IWS will take joint ownership of Havfram Fleet Management AS (“HFM”) and IWS will provide management- and technical- resources to HFM. HFM will be responsible for the technical management of the WTIVs. Both parties will share their technical expertise into HFM and great synergies are expected from the operation of a range of vessels across the offshore wind value chain.

Additionally, IWS Fleet Management AS continues to provide technical management services to two LNG carriers. This new partnership with Havfram Wind, alongside the existing fleet of six Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (“CSOVs”) under construction and the management of the two LNG carriers, positions IWS at the forefront of providing high-quality and efficient vessel operations.

Even Larsen, CEO of Havfram Wind said: “High quality technical management is essential when commencing operations of our fleet of Wind Turbine Installation Vessels. IWS has a long history and a proven track record within ship management of advanced assets and is the perfect fit for Havfram Wind. In a broader perspective, this collaboration is yet another affirmation to our clients that Havfram Wind is going to deliver the highest quality of transport and installation services to the offshore wind industry.”

Christopher Andersen Heidenreich, COO of Integrated Wind Solutions ASA and Managing Director of IWS Fleet AS, commented on the collaboration: “Our strategic partnership with Havfram Wind is a testament to our distinguished technical expertise and capabilities in the offshore wind sector. With this collaboration, along with our existing fleet, we are very motivated to deliver high-quality and efficient operations across the renewable energy landscape.”

About IWS

Integrated Wind Solutions ASA offers a fleet of state-of-the-art service vessels to the offshore wind industry combined with a suite of adhering services to reduce the levelized cost of energy (“LCOE”) for offshore wind. 

The Company has six Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (“CSOVs”) under construction with delivery in 2023, 2024 and 2025 in addition to options for two additional vessels. Furthermore, IWS owns the offshore wind supply-chain service company, IWS Services A/S and has a 30% ownership in the independent advisor, consultancy, data intelligence and wind farm operator firm PEAK Wind Group.