Whistleblowing Policy

Havfram AS (“Company”) shall be a safe workplace for all, with an open culture where the individual employee is seen, heard and accepted. This is important for the working environment in general, but also for the individual’s well-being at work. 

Company’s goal is that illegal, unethical or other misconduct (jointly “misconduct”) shall not occur in the business. Any harassment, unfair treatment, discrimination or employees issues should be reported in accordance with this policy. If such circumstances do occur, they must be handled properly.

This policy applies to all persons working for Havfram AS either as staff, contractor or third party personnel.

Oncouragement to report misconduct

It is of great importance to the Company to detect misconduct in the business, which also is important from a society perspective. Company encourages all its employees to report, and follow the reporting routines, if the employee becomes aware of any misconduct at work.

Right and duty report

Employees that become aware of circumstances that they believe are illegal, unethical or of censurable character, have a right to report about this.

Reporting Procedures

As a main rule, reports should always be made internally in the Company. Reports can be made orally or in writing. As a main rule, a report shall be made to the immediate superior. Reports may also be made directly to the Offshore Manager (for offshore) or the Chief HR Officer in Havfram AS. There is also an e-mail address reports can be submitted to: Whistleblowing@havfram.com

Protection against retaliation

Whistleblowers that report in a responsible way shall be protected against any adverse action, practice or omission as a consequence or reaction to the disclosure of misconduct (retaliation). When handling a report, the Company shall particularly ensure that the Whistleblower is not subject to retaliation.

When you have reported misconduct

The person that receives the report of misconduct shall keep the whistleblower informed on the required steps in the process going forward. All reported cases of misconduct will be handled within reasonable time. All reported misconduct will be taken seriously and securely investigated.


All reports made in within the Company will be handled confidentially. Firstly, this means that the Whistleblower’s identity shall only be disclosed to those receiving and handling the report and the Whistleblower’s identity shall be kept confidential to the extent this is possible and permitted by law. Secondly, the handling of the report is also confidential and information about the content of the report shall only be disclosed to people on a strictly need-to-know basis. The fact that a report has been submitted, what the report concerns and that this is investigated can be communicated to the organization, media or others, if this is deemed necessary. Public authority can be contacted in cases involving criminal offences.

The full style Havfram AS whistleblower policy is to be found on Havfram BMS or can be shared upon request.